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Winter Extreme: Boxer Vilkas

Coming to the game as part of the Winter Extreme event, the Vilkas is the Lithuanian variant of the Boxer armored fighting vehicle jointly developed by four Western European countries, with Germany the lead.

Boxer Vilkas: An Event Vehicle Light Tank for Germany at Rank VII


  • Excellent mobility!
  • Deadly 30 mm autocannon.
  • Light protection.
  • Crewless turret.
  • Lethal Spike missiles.
Vehicle History

Development of what would become the Boxer IFV began in 1993 as an international joint venture between France and Germany with the UK also joining the program in 1996. The aim of the project was the joint development of a common and modular AFV design, which could quickly be adapted to fit different mission requirements. In 1999, France abandoned the program and was replaced by the Netherlands in 2001 by which time production of the first prototypes had already begun. Following the start of production, the Boxer first entered service with the German army in 2009. In 2015, Lithuania also expressed interest in procuring the Boxer and placed orders for 89 vehicles. Receiving the name “Vilkas”, the Lithuanian variant also featured provisions for mounting the Israeli Samson Mk II remote-controlled turret, capable of mounting Spike missiles. The first Vilkas entered Lithuanian service in 2019 with further deliveries ongoing throughout the 2020s.


Meet the Boxer Vilkas!

The Boxer Vilkas will soon be joining Rank VII of the German ground forces tree as one of its most advanced IFVs which you are able to obtain by taking part in this year’s winter event, Winter Extreme. Eager to find out more about this nimble new wheeled AFV? Then join us as we explore the details below!

Did you know? The name “Vilkas” is Lithuanian which translates to “Wolf”!

If you’re a user of German tanks, you’ll be no stranger to highly nimble and well armed IFVs — the Vilkas however takes this experience to the next level. Fitted with a crewless turret that houses the Bushmaster II 30 mm autocannon — an already familiar weapon from the game — the Vilkas can present itself as a serious threat to both other lightly armored vehicles but also to MBTs thanks to its powerful sub caliber ammunition. Furthermore, the Vilkas also comes equipped with a Spike ATGM launcher, enabling you to quickly engage ground targets with the missile’s fire and forget capabilities!

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Interesting: The Boxer features a modular design of its mission compartment. As a result, its configuration can take on many different forms ranging from classical IFV to recovery and training variants.

Being a wheeled vehicle, engineers placed a particularly high emphasis on the Vilkas’ mobility. Equipped with a 720 HP engine, the Vilkas can reach a top speed of 103 km/h on paved roads while its high power-to-weight ratio not only ensures high acceleration but also provides this vehicle with good off-road capabilities. However, these are stretched to their limits when faced with extreme terrain conditions such as deep snow or mud: something to keep in mind when making tactical moves on the battlefield!


Despite featuring composite protection, the Vilkas armor layout remains only effective against high caliber machine gun and autocannon fire at longer engagement distances. Therefore, facing off high-caliber cannons and ATGMs head on isn’t the most suitable tactic to employ the Vilkas for.

The Boxer Vilkas comes to War Thunder as a strong reinforcement to the German top rank light vehicle lineup and is a prize in this year’s winter event, Winter Extreme. Happy hunting!

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