War Thunder background
Revising the economy

Dear players,

We heard your recent feedback on the changes planned to the economy of War Thunder and, as you already know, have decided to cancel them. This has been our first step in addressing your concerns, and it will not be the last.

We regret that our actions to balance the economy are often poorly explained and not transparent to you. In the future, we will try our best to talk about the changes we plan to do earlier, in more detail and more clearly, as well as listen to the feedback that you offer more carefully.

We are going to revise the economy in a dedicated update planned for mid to late summer (this will be a huge amount of work). In order for your feedback to be taken into account, please provide it using the special form on our website before May 25th (unfortunately, we do not have the ability to track all posts on external sites and we may miss something important there). We have already received and are analyzing many constructive proposals, and we sincerely thank their authors!


We will announce the content of the dedicated economy update in advance, explain in detail the essence of all changes and collect feedback on them before we implement them in the game. If necessary, we will discuss the economy separately on streams, in the format of questions and answers on the site, or in any other way - the main thing is that you clearly understand what is planned and why.

We have one common goal: to make War Thunder better and make players happy and the game more popular. Therefore, we will do everything possible so that we understand and support each other on the way to this goal.

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