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Mirage 2000C-S5: The New & Improved Classic

The Mirage 2000C-S5 is a further development of the well-known Mirage series of French jet fighters and represents the successor to the popular Mirage III preceding it. Coming to War Thunder as part of the Drone Age major update, seasoned French pilots may look forward to the arrival of the Mirage 2000C-S5 as the new crowning jewel of the French aviation tree in the game!

Briefly: A later development of the Mirage jet fighter, focused on multirole capabilities and equipped with a wide assortment of advanced weapons.

Mirage 2000C-S5, jet fighter, France, Rank VII


  • Excellent flight characteristics
  • Advanced suspended weapons
  • Supersonic
  • Countermeasures

Development of the Mirage 2000 began in 1972 under the project name “Delta 1000”, in parallel with Dassault’s ongoing high-priority ACF (Avion de Combat Futur) project, which saw a development of a variable geometry wing interdictor jointly developed with Great Britain. However, after the French government canceled the ACF project in 1975 and subsequent variants of the project failed to gain the interest of the French Air Force, Dassault resorted back to the more traditional aircraft developed under the Delta 1000 programme, then known as Mirage 2000.

Being a more conventional further development of the Mirage series, the French Air Force was quick to accept this design into service due to its lower procurement and operating costs as well as high versatility. After three prototypes were ordered and tested, the first production variant of the Mirage 2000C was delivered to the French Air Force in November 1982.

In French service, the Mirage 2000 took part in many conflicts of the 1990s, starting with the Gulf War and the subsequent Balkan Wars. The Mirage 2000 also took part in Allied operations in Afghanistan and assisted in enforcing a no-fly-zone in Libya during the 2011 French intervention.

Apart from France, other nations also chose to operate the Mirage 2000, with Egypt being one of the earliest adopters. Apart from Egypt however, India, Greece, Qatar, Brazil, Peru and several other nations also operated or still operate variants of the Mirage 2000 to this date. In total, around 600 Mirage 2000s were built across all variants.


In War Thunder, the Mirage 2000C-S5 will become the new top jet fighter awaiting veteran pilots at rank VII of the French aviation tree after the release of the next major update, Drone Age. Going back to its iconic delta wing design and offering numerous improvements both concerning its flight characteristics as well as firepower, the Mirage 2000C-S5 will be a welcome upgrade for fans of the French original!

Discontinuing the transition over to more conventional swept wings as is the case with the preceding Mirage F1, French engineers took on a more ‘back to the roots’ approach with the Mirage 2000C-S5, resulting in a design more akin to that of the earlier series aircraft and one that’s instantly recognizable by keen-eyed War Thunder pilots. However, underneath the metal skin also lay a few more upgrades to the aircraft. Namely, the Mirage 2000C-S5 is equipped with a substantially more powerful SNECMA Atar M53-P2 turbofan engine, generating up to 9,500 kgf on afterburner and thus resulting in a top speed of 2350 km/h and boosts up a climb rate to 200 m/sec! The more powerful engine, combined with the improved design of the delta wing gives the Mirage 2000C-S5 better handling characteristics, particularly at lower altitudes and shortens the required take-off distance.

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In terms of firepower, a pair of 30 mm DEFA cannons with 125 rounds of ammunition per barrel traditionally form the backbone of a Mirage’s arsenal and the Mirage 2000C-S5 is no exception. Fast-firing and hard-hitting, these cannons ensure the Mirage is capable of engaging its enemies, even when the suspended weapons have been used up. But speaking of suspended ordnance, did the Mirage 2000C-S5 get any upgrades in this regard you may ask?

Of course it did! In simple terms, the Mirage 2000C-S5 effectively combines the weapons arsenal of the earlier Mirage IIIE, Mirage 5F as well as the Mirage F1 into one platform. As a result, the Mirage 2000C-S5 has access to an exhaustive selection of suspended ordnance, giving the aircraft the ability to effectively strike both ground targets but also excel in dogfights. For the former, pilots will have access to a range of conventional bombs and rocket pods. For aerial dogfights however, the Mirage 2000C-S5 has access to both the short-range Magic missiles and the powerful long-range Matra Super 530, including the Super 530F and D with extended range!

The Mirage 2000C-S5 is on final approach and is expected to arrive in player hangars as part of the next Drone Age update. In the meantime, make sure to keep a close watch on the news as we continue releasing more information about what other exciting new additions and features await you in the upcoming Drone Age update. Until then, clear skies and happy hunting pilots!

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