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Aircraft engine fire extinguishers

In the upcoming major War Thunder update, we plan to introduce the engine fire extinguishing systems for planes and helicopters.

The first engine fire extinguishers were used during WWII. At the moment, such systems are equipped with almost all military aircraft - both planes and helicopters. In the upcoming major update of the game, we plan to add the aircraft engine fire extinguishers, and this is how they will work!

There are two types of fire extinguishing systems for aircraft engines - automatic and manual. We will introduce a new modification to the aircraft modifications list, which is called EFS/EFS(a), depending on the extinguisher’s type. Automatic fire extinguishers are activated with the destruction of the capsule with the fire-fighting agent by extremely high temperatures occurring during engine fire. Manual systems are activated by pressing the “Toggle Extinguisher” button (default key is “6”). Once the system is activated, it may take a few seconds to cease the fire, which will make the engine inoperable, and during this period it will not be possible to restart the engine. However, it can help to save the aircraft! You’ll have a chance to “come in on a wing and a prayer” to the field, or even continue the fight, especially in the case of multi-engine aircraft. After the repair at the airfield, the engine will be restored, same as the fire extinguisher, making it available again.

In order to avoid accidental toggling of fire extinguishers and shutdown of engines in flight, the activation of fire extinguishing systems is possible only in the event of engine fire. In addition, you can also disable the fire extinguishers before the flight, if you decide not to use it in combat for some reason - just uncheck the checkbox in the ‘Modifications’ menu.


In the next War Thunder update, the fire extinguishers will be available to some aircraft and helicopters (see the list below). As we study the documents, we plan to add this modification to other models of combat aircraft, which were equipped with them in reality.

List of aircraft:

A-10 (all versions), Harrier (all versions), AV-8 (all versions), F-14A Early, P-61 (all versions), A-26 (all versions), Tu-4, B-29, B-17 (all versions), PB4Y (all versions), PBJ (all versions), B-24 ( all versions), B-26 (all versions), B-25 (all versions), MiG-23 (all versions), Su-22 (all versions), Su-17 (all versions), Su-7 (all versions), Q-5 (all versions), A-5C, J-7 (all versions), MiG-21 (all versions), MiG-19 (all versions), Yak-38 (all versions).

List of helicopters:

EC-665 Tiger (all versions), A-129 (all versions), A-109, AB-205, Lynx (all versions), YAH-64, AH-64 (all versions), AH-Mk1, AH-1 (all versions), UH-1 (all versions), Ka-29, Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-24 (all versions), Mi-35, Mi-28 (all versions).

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