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Pre-order: VRCC Centauro

The export version of the venerable Italian wheeled tank destroyer designed for Spanish land forces, coupled with an unique decoration and Premium as a special pre-order pack!

VRCC Centauro, light tank, Italy, rank VI, Premium


  • Max speed 110 km/h
  • Deadly armor-piercing rounds
  • Thermal imager
  • Light armor

Since 2000, the Italian B1 Centauro wheeled armored vehicle has been supplied to the Spanish army. With its new operators, the vehicle index changed to VRCC (Vehículos de Reconocimiento y Combate de Caballería - “cavalry reconnaissance and combat vehicle”), but the name itself remained unchanged. The vehicles were built in Italy and differed from the basic B1 version by a slightly modified frontal hull armor and the smoke grenade launchers, the same as found on the second Centauro series. The contract for the second batch of machines, signed in 2002, also included partial licensing of the production for the Spanish domestic market, as well as the modernization of the fire control system by installing a more advanced gunner's Thermal vision device. In addition, the armament of the VRCC Centauro was reinforced with a second light machine gun on the turret roof.

Pre-order - VRCC Centauro Pack
Pre-order - VRCC Centauro Pack
The Kit Includes:

The VRCC Centauro is a Spanish variant of the legendary wheeled tank destroyer that will come to War Thunder with the next major update. And now you may pre-order the best Premium vehicle in the Italian ground vehicles tech tree and get special bonuses of the pre-order pack!

Incredibly fast and armed with an excellent laser-sharp 105mm gun, the Centauro is one of the most popular vehicles for high-rank tank battles. The new premium VRCC Centauro, built on the basis of earlier versions of this combat vehicle, is distinguished by a different armor scheme of the hull’s front (alas, the protection has not increased though) and later smoke grenade launchers. Most importantly, commanders will have access to excellent DM33 armor piercing fin-stabilized rounds able to overcome 400 mm of the armor - and these shells, like other modifications, are available immediately from the get go!

In the game, the vehicle is decorated with the insignia of the Spanish 8th Light Cavalry Regiment “Lusitania”. Together with the VRCC Centauro, Premium Account time and a good supply of Golden Eagles, the owners of the pre-order pack also receive an unique decorator - a shortened version of the Spanish assault rifle.

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