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It’s fixed! №61

We keep on working on improvements and fixes for War Thunder, and in this digest we’d like to tell you about the most prominent recent changes to the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder in the special section of our website.

Laser Aiming


We listen closely to the feedback you leave us. Thanks to your comments we’ve added a new feature to several SPAAGs: from SIDAM 25 to M247. Now the range measured with the laser rangefinder will be automatically input into your sights. Aim with comfort!

Leopard, Behave!


Another fix we’ve made thanks to your feedback is related to the medium tank, the Leopard 2K. When its machine gun ammunition was hit, it did not disappear. That was an error, and we’ve fixed it.

Reworked decals


The “decals” tab in the player profile has been radically reworked. Now you can find all the necessary information and possible actions in a single window. You can check out the preview and description of the decal and learn of a way to earn it. Decals that you haven’t received yet are now shown in full colour, but with a lock icon: in their case you can start tracking the unlock progress, or just purchase them outright. For the decals that you already have you’ll find an option to apply them to a selected vehicle in the hangar, for the collectable ones — to check out the collections, and for marketable ones — to search and activate a coupon. Everything you ever wanted, all in one place.

Since all the features related to decals are now available in the player profile, we will soon remove the decals from the “Achievements” menu.

That’s Not All

We are continuing to work on improving War Thunder. The blowout panels have been fixed for even more tanks, the achievement comparison button now works properly, and in VR the weapons lock indicator is no longer tied to the head movements.

You can find the full list of improvements in a separate patch note. Check it out:

Open the full changelog

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted by using our special service.

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