IJN Haruna

The battleship Haruna was the sister ship of the legendary Kongō. A new top-tier sea monster is the main prize in the upcoming War Thunder summer event.

IJN Haruna, battleship, event vehicle, Japan, rank V.


  • Deadly artillery
  • Incredible close-range AA battery
  • Good speed
  • Lacks torpedoes
  • Mediocre protection

The battlecruiser Haruna of the Kongō class was laid down in 1912 and commissioned in 1915. During the First World War, she did not see active combat. Before the start of World War II, the ship went through two modernization programs, during which Haruna was reclassified as a fast battleship, the combat potential of the ship was significantly increased and it became possible to use it to escort Japanese aircraft carriers. During the invasion of mainland China in 1937, the battleship Haruna was used to transport troops. The battleship fought the first battle of World War II in December 1941 in the Battle of Kuantan against the Royal Navy. She then was active in the area of ​​the Malay Archipelago in operations to invade Borneo and the Dutch East Indies, going on to participate in the attack on Ceylon. In May 1942, after serving in dock, she joined the carrier group in the Battle of Midway, after which the ship took part in the Battle of Guadalcanal. During all the time of intense fighting, Haruna did not receive any significant damage. In October 1943, the battleship was sent to defend Wake Island from American attacks. In the Battle of the Philippine Sea, Haruna received two hits with armor-piercing bombs, repairs lasted until the autumn of 1944. After the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the battleship was damaged when running aground on a coral reef. While docking at the naval arsenal in Kure in July 1945, the ship participated in the defense of the base, but as a result of air raids, Haruna received several hits from American bombers in a few days and sank.


The battleship Haruna, the sistership of the legendary battleship Kongō, comes into the game as the main naval prize of the War Thunder “Summer Quest” special event. Featuring an extremely powerful artillery and good sailing performance, this ship is ideal for an aggressive style of battle in groups of light and heavy cruisers. Haruna's main armament is 8 36 cm/45 Type 41 (356 mm) guns in four turrets. Captains have a choice of high-explosive, armor-piercing, and semi-armor-piercing shells that are capable of hitting any type of enemy ships at all ranges. The auxiliary calibers are 8x152mm cannons in casemates above the main armor belt - four guns per side. Twin 127mm universal guns are responsible for destroying light surface targets and aircraft at long distances, and the short-range air defense battery is really amazing - 118x25mm fast-firing cannons in triple, single and twin mounts create a blazing stream of fire that has not yet been seen in War Thunder!

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The weaker area of Haruna is her comparatively low protection. The thickness of the main armor belt is 203mm, the overall hull protection is 152mm, the main gun turret and the wheelhouse are protected with 254mm armor. This is quite enough to protect from light cruiser fire, but the armor-piercing shots of battlecruisers and especially battleships are almost guaranteed to inflict damage on Haruna’s modules. On the other hand, the ship has fairly well-protected barbettes that can save a not too large crew, well-protected gun magazines and an almost impenetrable protection in the propeller group.

Due to not the best protection and excellent firepower, Haruna's place on the battlefield is at the very tip of the spear. Moving with a group of allied cruisers, the ship has a good chance of surviving battleship fire, inflicting massive damage on enemy cruisers. The good maximum speed of the battleship - up to 30,5 knots (56,5 km/h) - helps Haruna to stick with the group.

Battleship Haruna is one of the best bluewater ships in the game. Any War Thunder player will be able to get this excellent ship, which is important - for free! Enter the Summer Quest event and fight for the battleship Haruna, she’s worth it!

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