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Zrínyi I

A fully armored WWII self-propelled gun equipped with a 75mm cannon and rocket launchers! A special Hungarian exotic for the special event in War Thunder.

Zrínyi I, SPG, premium vehicle, Italy, rank III


  • Effective chambered AP rounds
  • Low profile
  • Roofed combat compartment
  • 6 rockets

In 1942, the Hungarian military started the creation of its own fully armored self-propelled guns, which conceptually repeated the successful German StuG III design. The Hungarian engineers also chose the domestic Turán medium tank chassis for their domestic self-propelled guns. A fixed armored cabin was installed instead of a tank turret, and a 105mm howitzer was chosen as a weapon for the first vehicles in the series. To ensure the traverse aiming angles of the gun, the Turán's hull had to be widened by 400mm, however, in terms of the main components, the new self-propelled guns were maximally unified with the vehicle. The first prototype was ready by December 1942, and the first batch of 40 vehicles was ordered even before the SPG passed the entire test cycle. The self-propelled gun received the designation 40/43.M Zrínyi II, in honor of the 16th-century Hungarian national hero Miklós Zrínyi. Somewhat later, serial SPGs received side screens. The vehicle turned out to be very successful and was produced until the surrender of Hungary. However, the 105 mm howitzer was clearly not enough to fight Soviet tanks, so by 1944 a Zrínyi I prototype appeared with a 75mm gun. During the tests, the prototype received launching tubes for rockets. This prototype did not go into serial production due to the devastation of the industrial enterprises and the defeat of the Hungarian army by the advancing forces of the Red Army.


The Hungarian Zrínyi I self-propelled artillery gun will be the first prize of the Summer Quest marathon and will appear at rank III in the lineup of the Italian armored vehicles. The self-propelled gun was developed under the significant influence of the German StuGs, and this modification was created specifically to combat armored vehicles. The vehicle is well protected, and the roof of the combat compartment protects the crew from machine guns and aircraft autocannons. The 75mm Hungarian-made cannon is mounted in a ball mount at the front of the SPG and has a fairly good decline angle. The cannon fires several types of rounds, including HEAT and chambered armor-piercing shells, the latter being capable of penetrating more than 140mm of armor at close range.

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The highlight of this already excellent self-propelled gun is the six-tubed rocket launcher, arranged by three along the sides of the vehicle's hull at the rear. "Zrínyi" takes into battle 6 rockets with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead. Rockets will come in very handy for destroying or damaging die-hard enemies, groups of enemies, or light tanks in shelters.

Tough, well-armed and quite mobile, the Zrínyi I self-propelled gun will be a great addition to the Italian III-IV rank setup in any game mode. An exotic vehicle will bring dozens of frags to commanders in War Thunder online battles - get this self-propelled gun for free just by playing the game and completing tasks of the summer marathon!

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