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Leopard 2AV

The main ground vehicle prize in the upcoming Summer Quest event is the German experimental PT-19/T19-AV main battle tank wielding a precise 105mm gun.

Leopard 2AV (PT-19/T19-AV), MBT, event vehicle, Germany, rank VI


  • Perfect dynamics
  • Spaced armor
  • Effective APFSDS rounds
  • Poor protection of the hull sides

The Leopard 2AV is a prototype tank design submitted to the US Army competition where it competed against the XM-1, predecessor of the Abrams MBT, at the Aberdeen Proving Ground. The tank is a further development of the Leopard 2K project. American Army specialists involved in the project advised to increase the tank’s protection, which by the beginning of the 70s was inadequate to meet modern challenges. In 1977, a version of the Leopard 2K with a modified hull and turret was submitted for testing in the United States under the designation Leopard 2AV. The prototype went overseas as two experimental chassis and three finished turrets. The tank was armed with the 105 mm L7A3 rifled gun, developed in Great Britain. After the tests ended, the tank was equipped with a 120-mm Rheinmetall gun, right there, at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. It was this version that later went into series production under the designation Leopard 2.


The Leopard 2AV is the main prize of the huge Summer Quest event, this main battle tank will take rank VI in the German armored vehicles tech tree. The tank is a transitional version from the Leopard 1 to the serial Leopard 2: the vehicle has the 105 mm L7A3 cannon familiar from the first series, while the FCS, engine and armor layout correspond to the early Leopards of the second series.

The arsenal of shells for the 105mm gun includes HEATFS, HESH and a pair of APFSDS shells. Armor-piercing DM23 and DM33 will become the most popular in battles due to their excellent armor penetration and reliable ballistics.

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Leopard 2AV keeps the glorious tradition of excellent mobility of the series. The vehicle has a very high power-to-weight ratio, the tank gets up to speed quickly and maneuvers perfectly.

The new Leopard is much better protected than the earlier members of the first Leopard 1 series. Combined and spaced armor appeared on the tank, which protects well from anti-tank missiles and shape-charged shots. The armor plates of the hull and turret in the front are at rational angles, which in some cases helps to ricochet kinetic projectiles. In general, the PT-19/T19-AV is as protected as Leopard-2A4. Still, almost all sub-caliber AP rounds from enemy tank guns easily pierce the tank armor, and thin sides can even be penetrated by autocannons.

The Leopard 2AV is a master of many trades in combat. Firstly, the tank is genius in flanking. An accurate gun, a fairly high rate of fire, and effective DM33 AP rounds allow it to be used as a sniper. Its high mobility, good hull and turret traverses give it an undeniable advantage in the cramped conditions of urban gunplays. Whatever style the commander chooses, the Leopard will not let you down!

The daring and fast Leopard 2AV will be yours for free for completing the tasks in the big summer event “Summer Quest”. Feel free to take on the tasks, it's not difficult, and the prizes are definitely worth the effort!

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