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Battle Pass vehicles: Object 248 heavy tank

Object 248 was an experimental version of the IS-2 Soviet heavy tank armed with a 100mm gun. The vehicle becomes the main prize in the upcoming new season of the Battle Pass called “Field testing”!

Object 248, heavy tank, USSR, rank IV. Premium.


  • Effective 100mm gun
  • Higher reload time
  • Decent protection
  • Tight layout in the combat compartment

Very well protected German heavy tanks and self-propelled guns required Soviet engineers to equip Soviet armored vehicles with increased firepower, capable of dealing with German monsters. One of the areas of this work was the installation of 100mm guns on the IS-1 and IS-2 tanks. In the Chelyabinsk research facilities these prototypes were designated “Object 245” and “Object 248”, respectively. They first received the D-10 gun developed by the Sverdlovsk Design Bureau No. 9, and the Object 248 was supposed to be equipped with the S-34 gun, which was being worked on by the Central Artillery Design Bureau near Moscow. On the Object 245 the new gun fit the tank normally, without the need for significant modifications to the turret of the IS-1 tank, but its sister project required much effort. It was necessary not only to change the gun mantle, but also to “tamp” the crew even more in the already cramped turret due to the massive gun breech. To service the semi-automatic breech, the loader was now located on the left, and the workplaces of the commander and gunner were moved to the right. The feed piece and sight stabilizer were not delivered on time for testing. In addition, the gun had a number of "teething problems", which appeared during the factory tests of the Object 248 and required time for revision. Soon, further development of the Object 248 was canceled; the tank never saw a mass production.


The experimental Object 248 heavy tank will become the main prize of the upcoming new season of the Battle Pass called “Field testing”. The tank is based on the IS-2 design, with its gun changed to a 100mm S-34. The IS-2 is a venerable veteran in War Thunder ground battles. Well protected, with smooth ballistics of its 122mm gun, the tank is a master of ambushes and long-range duels. One of the main drawbacks in the good old IS-2 is its very long reload time, which makes it difficult to play the tank in active assaults.

The Object 248 offers an excellent balance of armor penetration and reload speed. The 100mm BR-412B armor-piercing chamber rounds, familiar to tankers from the SU-100 and T-54 tanks, have the same armor penetration indicators as the powerful IS-2 chamber rounds, but the reloading takes in fact half the time! Of course, the explosives weight is incomparably lower, but it is quite sufficient to detonate the ammo rack of an enemy tank or destroy any important module - the main thing is to hit and to pierce.

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The Object 248 inherits some of the flaws from the IS-2. The unfortunate vulnerable zone on the upper front glacis of the hull still requires turning the hull from the enemy. The layout of the habitable space of the turret has become even more dense, as on the IS-2. Hitting the side of the turret or turret ring very often sends the tank to the hangar instantly. But the advantages of the Soviet "heavyweight" are present as well! First, in general, good protection of the hull and high ricochet chance in the turret. Second, the comparatively good speed, and especially the reverse speed, will allow you to play the Object 248 almost like a medium tank, popping up for a shot from cover and hiding again to reload.

The premium Object 248 will be yours for completing stage 75 in the new Battle pass season. Get ready for “Field Testing” and stay tuned for the full list of rules for the new season!

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