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Battle Pass vehicles: Type T-51A torpedo boat

Premium version of the project Type T-51 - a “Japanese E-Boat” - comes equipped with 4 torpedoes onboard.

Type T-51A, torpedo boat, Japan, rank III. Premium.


  • 4 torpedoes
  • 2х25mm cannons in the aft section
  • Limited targeting angles

The idea behind the German E-boats became interesting to military authorities around the world and the Japanese naval military were no exception. In 1941, a project of an all-metal torpedo boat appeared that repeated the German pre-war E-boats with its layout. The power plant of the boat consisted of four Type 76 No. 6 engines (copies of the Italian Isotta engines), combined into two groups using a fluid coupling. Massive engines, as well as the use of heavier hull alloy than on the E-boats, led to an excess of the design displacement from 80 to 90 tons. As a result, only one prototype Type T-51A boat was built, and the lighter B version went to a larger series. By the end of World War II, out of 18 boats of the T-51 project ordered at the shipyards, only 8 were completed, with another two hulls built.


One of the prizes in the new War Thunder Battle Pass season is the Japanese Type T-51A motor torpedo boat. This premium boat is a close relative of the Type T-51B, which can be found in the Japanese coastal fleet research tree, and differs mainly in the composition of weapons. The new boat has 4 torpedo tubes for Type 2 torpedoes and twin-barreled 25mm auto cannon instead of a triple-barrelled. The Type T-51A has a larger displacement, but the power in the power plants, transmitted to two shafts, makes its dynamic characteristics generally similar to the T-51B: with similar turning dynamics, only a slightly higher maximum speed of 55 km/h distinguishes the prototype.

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4 torpedoes make the Type T-51A more ready to counter destroyers, while a pair of 25mm machine guns with excellent reload speed and quite good ballistics are still extremely dangerous against light enemy boats.

The main problem of the Type T-51A, like that of its linear counterpart, is the awkward aiming angles of the gun mount. The only turret with twin 25 mm/60 Type 96 guns is located in the aft section,protected by an armored shield, which significantly limits the horizontal firing angles. To start firing, the commander has to turn the long hull sideways towards the enemy. If the enemy is ahead and was the first to open fire, it is not always possible to complete such a maneuver. Type T-51A doesn’t allow dashing rushes to capture points due to the design features. A good idea while playing this boat is to stay on the second line of attack or partially in cover, and support the team with torpedoes and gunfire. An undoubted advantage of the Type T-51A is her premium status that allows quick research in the lower ranks of the Japanese boat fleet and quickly move to high-speed and heavily armed vehicles at higher ranks.

The new season of the Battle Pass is coming - follow our news to find out all the information about prizes and participation conditions. See you soon!

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