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Your Personal Fireworks in War Thunder


You have probably already seen fireworks that War Thunder celebrates important dates with, such as New Year or Victory Day. We have changed the way they work a bit.

Firstly, the fireworks will no longer be displayed on the battlefield: that bothered some players. Now they will only occur in your hangar. Secondly, for worldwide celebrations like the aforementioned New Year and Victory Day we’ve added national holidays for each nation in which War Thunder is translated: for example, Independence Day. And thirdly, now you can define when the fireworks will be displayed just for you.

We’ve added an option for players to set their personal holidays. You can learn how to do that in the wiki (link).

Create your calendar — add, for example, your birthday or the anniversary of your wedding. And then on these important dates War Thunder will greet you with a display of fireworks that will begin at 20:00 (player local time) until 06:00 the following day.

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