French Air Forces Day!
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France was one of the first countries to begin building aircraft: its air fleet consisted of almost 150 aircraft before the start of World War I. Still, it was considered a part of the army until July 2nd, 1934, when the Air Force finally became an independent entity.

From July 1st (12:00 GMT) until July 5th (9:00 GMT), play 3 battles using French aircraft (rank III or higher, with an activity of not less than 70%) to receive the “French Air Forces Day” decal.

Complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions and [Assault] mode.

Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → French Air Forces Day.

You can find the decal in the “Holidays” tab in the Customisation menu.

“French Air Forces Day” decal
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