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Israeli Helicopters

In the upcoming Danger Zone update, Israeli helicopters come to War Thunder! A few words on history, initial line-up and the first look on the new to the game light attack helicopter MD 500 TOW.

In 1975 the Israeli Air Force received its first batch of 6 American Bell AH-1G Cobra strike helicopters, previously used in Vietnam. Israeli pilots enthusiastically began to master a new type of military aircraft and nicknamed the American helicopters Tzefa - “Palestine viper” - after the largest poisonous snake in the region. A little later, the AH-1G was replaced by the AH-1S equipped with anti-tank missiles, and the Hughes MD500 TOW light helicopters, also equipped with ATGMs to destroy armored vehicles. Israeli attack helicopters received a baptism of fire in 1979 where they were widely used in battle in the First Lebanon War, showing a high combat efficiency. The last helicopters of the AH-1 series were retired from service in 2013.


Despite the active use of combat helicopters and a highly advanced military industry, Israel does not consider developing its own combat helicopters. At the moment, the IAF operates various versions of the American AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.

Israeli helicopters come to the game in the Danger Zone update. You will meet not only familiar AH-1G, AH-1Q and AH-1F Cobras, excellent high-rank Apaches, including the premium Peten. The Hughes MD500 TOW light attack helicopter will first appear in the Israeli tech tree. This five-blade rotor light, tiny and very agile helicopter capable of carrying the venerable TOW and TOW-2 anti-tank missiles, as well as Hydra-70 unguided rockets.

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Israeli helicopters will become helpful assistants for armored vehicles in War Thunder mixed battles and will surely perform well in the helicopter gaming modes. The update is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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