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Squadron vehicle: M1A1 AIM

The American M1A1 AIM Abrams main battle tank in service with the Australian army comes as a new squadron vehicle for all War Thunder players!

M1A1 AIM, main battle tank, USA, rank VII. Squadron vehicle.


  • Detailed thermal imager
  • KE-W armor piercing rounds
  • High vitality
  • Good mobility

In 1999, Australia decided to find a replacement for its army's main battle tank which was the German Leopard. The main criterion was to get a modern MBT that would best suit the conditions of the Australian climate and roads with minimal or no adjustments. The army had a choice from competitors from all around the globe: the Swedish CV90, the Swiss Pz.87 WE (version of the Leopard A4), the British Challenger II, the Israeli Merkava IV, and the American Abrams M1A1 upgraded under the AIM program. The AIM (Abrams Integrated Management) program was adopted to overhaul and improve the combat qualities of the US M1A1 tanks of various modifications and bring them closer to the characteristics of the next generation of M1A2 SEP Abrams, which were soon to enter service. M1A1s received a new thermal imager and laser rangefinder, up-to-date radio and navigation equipment, a new power supply box and other improvements. The choice of the Australian military fell on the American bidder and the tank was approved for import. It was decided to remove the depleted uranium inserts from the armor package and replace them with fillers of similar functionality from other materials. In addition, the tanks required some "cosmetic" modifications, such as Australian Army paint, the "Skippy" red kangaroo insignia on the turret, and mounts for the crew's carbines inside the turret. The first M1A1 AIM tanks began to be delivered to Australia on September 21, 2006. The M1A1 AIM MBTs were later upgraded under the TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit) program and are currently the backbone of the Australian armored forces.


With the release of the Danger Zone update, the M1A1 AIM main battle tank will become a new squadron vehicle and will be available to all War Thunder players. Abrams is good, a good Abrams is even better, and a good Abrams that you can get for free is simply great! Let's take a closer look at the Australian MBT?

Download Wallpaper:

The Australian Abrams is an overhauled tank of the M1A1 series with the replacement of the obsolete fire control system. In gameplay the Australian tank differs from the US early M1A1s by improved thermal imaging electronics, TVD for the AA machine gun, and a different gun ammunition. The tank received a better thermal imager than the M1A1 of earlier versions - the poor digitalization of early Abramses’ TVD is one of the most annoying things with these tanks. As for ammunition, one may say that the variety of shells of the Australian tank is poor - the stock M830 HEAT round, which is unlikely to surprise anyone at rank VII, and the much more interesting KE-W. The KE-W APFSDS round is already familiar to players from the Turkish M60 AMBT. The projectile of this shell is able to pierce more than 580 mm of armor - this is, without a doubt, one of the best kinetic projectiles in the game. It is worth noting that, as with all other squadron vehicles, the player needs to research the modifications on their own, even if they are purchased for Golden Eagles. This round is unlocked for commanders already at the third tier of the M1A1 AIM modifications, and it would be most reasonable to schedule a modules research in order to quickly acquire the fearsome AP round, which is capable of piercing any vehicle in the game in any area of ​​​​the hull or turret.

The Abrams M1A1 AIM will be yours for squadron activity points (if you're already a member of War Thunder squadrons) or for Golden Eagles (there's a good article about Squadron vehicles on our Wiki). Australian Abrams, dozens of other interesting vehicles, new locations and game mechanics await you in the upcoming Danger Zone major update. Soon™!

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