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100/17 su Lancia 3Ro: The Fly Swatter Battery

Created by players for players! The 100/17 su Lancia 3Ro was a field modification of the Italian military transport truck during the North-African campaign of WWII. Soon, the punch of the 100/17 will join the low ranks of the Italian ground forces tree in War Thunder, coming to the game as part of the next major update “Danger Zone”!

Briefly: An Italian SPG based on the chassis of the Lancia 3Ro truck equipped with a powerful 100mm howitzer with high destruction shells.

100/17 su Lancia 3Ro, SPG, Italy, Rank I


  • Devastating 100mm gun
  • Exposed to enemy fire
  • Limited aiming angles
  • Poor mobility on soft ground

In Autumn of 1941, the 12° Autoraggruppamento del Regio Esercito wanted to increase the mobility of their Škoda 10cm Vz. 1914 howitzers by mounting them on a truck chassis that also could make them able to hurt enemy tanks. The first 4 vehicles of the 14^ Batteria Autonoma clashed against British tanks on November 23rd 1941 dealing a heavy loss to the enemy but was destroyed by a German Stuka raid that confused them with a British convoy. In 1942 other 3 batteries were built, with 4 trucks each, making the XVII Gruppo called “Batterie Volanti” (the Flying Batteries). One of these guns, commanded by second lieutenant Sergio Barbadoro, blocked the American advance to Palermo on July 22nd 1943 for 9 hours with a fierce defense without surrendering to enemy forces.


In War Thunder, the 100/17 su Lancia 3Ro will join the ranks of the Italian ground forces arriving in the game as part of the next major update “Danger Zone”. Thanks to its main 100mm howitzer and capable ammunition, this truck can deal truly lethal damage even to the more heavily protected tanks it can face in battle. Commanders will have the choice between solid anti-concrete shells and very rare at low ranks, HESH rounds,that are perfectly effective against any low-rank opponent.

Fun Fact: to install the howitzer on the chassis, the engineers used an M13/40 turret ring welded to the original field mount.

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However, the powerful gun and comparatively large crew are fully exposed to any enemy fire, including rifle-caliber MGs, so any opponent is able to instantly remove the brave Italians on sight. The 100/17 is a pretty huge vehicle and can be easily spotted by attacker or fighter pilots. The wheeled truck itself, equipped with a not so powerful engine, will decrease the mobility on soft ground making it tricky to escape from ambushes or difficult situations. The vehicle is more suited as a second-line support to immobilize or finish off any opponents already engaged by allies.

The 100/17 su Lancia 3Ro has been created by your fellow War Thunder players Nicola “Kolin0” Faggiani and Riccardo “BlueBeta” Lo Verso as part of the Revenue and Share Program and will soon be arriving in War Thunder to reinforce the Italian tech tree as a new light vehicle in the lower ranks. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

You can greatly speed up the research on this vehicle with:

Italian Starter Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • M14/41 (47/40) tank (Rank 2, Italy);
  • Re.2001 Gruppo 22 fighter (Rank 2, Italy);
  • 120000 Silver Lions
  • Premium account for 7 days;
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