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Top Ace Challenge!
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If you’re drooling over the freshly announced F-14A, we’d like to suggest some rigorous training before you sit in the pilot seat of the Tomcat. This weekend daring pilots will fight it out using the best aircraft — and only the top aces will get the prizes.

Until May 30th (7:00 GMT) destroy 20 airplanes of other players in AB mode or 10 in RB or SB modes using Rank VII aircraft and receive one of the following prizes:

  • 1 day of Premium Account
  • Research Points and Silver Lions boosters for 20-50% (20% for 10 battles, 30% for 5 battles, 50% for 3 battles)
  • 3-5 Universal Backups

Jet Strike 4x4 RB Tournament

Join the tournament for jet aircraft that will take place in 4x4 format in the RB game mode. The task for each team is to destroy more aircraft than the enemy team and gain air superiority by capturing the air points over the battlefield.

Registration for the teams is open until June 1st (17:00 GMT).


Tournament format: Double elimination, best of 3.

Available aircraft:

  • USA: F-86F-2, F-86F-35, F-86F-25, FJ-4B, A-4B
  • Germany: G.91 R/3, MiG-15bis
  • USSR: MiG-17, MiG-15bis
  • Great Britain: Hunter F.1, Venom FB.4
  • Japan: F-86F-30, Ki-200
  • Italy: G.91 R/1
  • France: S.O.4050 Vautour IIA, Super Mystere B2
  • China: J-4, F-86F-30, J-2
  • Sweden: J29F

Tournament locations: 38th Parallel, Norway, Pacific Hidden Base and Iron Range.

Prize fund: 15 000 Golden Eagles, boosters and other prizes.

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