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Temporary restrictions in decals for new players

In order to protect our players against liability from recently adopted laws in some countries around the world, we are temporarily restricting the use of certain decals for War Thunder newcomers.

Dear friends! We understand and absolutely appreciate your passion for authenticity regarding military vehicles. However, recently adopted laws in a number of countries can potentially put certain players at risk if they are to encounter certain symbols within the game. The War Thunder team sincerely want our game to remain a comfortable and safe place for everyone.

In this regard, we are temporarily limiting the availability of the “Digits” decals, ready-made hull numbers and some inscription decals.

Any new players that register an account after this announcement is published will not see any of the decals listed above in the customization menu. Existing players who already own these decals (achieved by fulfilling requirements or by purchasing them for ingame currency) will still for now be able to use them. Existing players who have not yet achieved or purchased these decals will only have access to the “Digits” set. All other decals affected will be hidden in the customization menu.

Thank you for your understanding!

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