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Happy cosmonautics day!
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61 years ago, humankind made its first piloted flight into outer space! The whole world watched this flight with baited breath. People from all around the world were united by the idea of space flight, great discoveries and new knowledge, setting a new goal for mankind.

Today we continue our way into the unknown, which began with a simple dream and the shout “Let’s go!”.

War Thunder celebrates this day, which has united people for a long time.

From April 12th (14:00 GMT) until April 15th (07:00 GMT) play 3 battles in Random battles in any vehicle (rank III and above, activity 70% and higher) to achieve a special "Open space" decal.

Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Cosmonautics day.

Trophies of the space challengers

"Open space" decal

Play 3 battles (rank III and above, activity 70%)

“Cosmonaut’s helmet” 3D decoration for ground vehicles
“Cosmonaut’s helmet” 3D decoration for ground vehicles

Can be obtained from the Cosmonautics day chest

The "Vostok" capsule 3D decoration for naval vessels

Can be obtained from the Cosmonautics day chest

Each purchase of the Cosmonautics day chest will bring you one of the decorations.

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