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AMX ELC bis: The Grass Crawler

The ELC is an experimental light tank destroyer developed by AMX as part of a special programme launched by the French Ministry of Defense during the 1950s. Mobile, extremely small and packing a punchy gun, the AMX ELC will soon be available for the French armored vehicles enthusiasts!

AMX ELC bis, tank destroyer, France, rank IV


  • Very small profile
  • Good mobility
  • Decent HEATFS rounds
  • Limited turret traverse 
  • Light protection
  • Small crew

In 1954, the French military launched a project to develop a new 6-ton light combat vehicle of small dimensions whilst being relatively well armed in order to take on more heavily armored targets. In many regards, the project represented a departure from previous French tank projects of the early Cold War period.

Development of the vehicle continued throughout the 1950s and eventually culminated in the creation of the AMX ELC bis. This reworked version of the vehicle included an improved 90 mm cannon, an additional pair of road wheels for the suspension system as well as other minor improvements. Testing of the vehicle continued into the early 1960s before further development was eventually cancelled in 1961. As a result, the AMX ELC never left the prototype stage nor did it see service with the French Army.


The AMX ELC bis will join the ranks of the French self-propelled guns in the upcoming “Wind of Change” update. Highly compact and quite mobile, the AMX ELC bis is the perfect mid tier tank destroyer being able to not only infiltrate the enemy lines with ease due to its small size and mobility but also to cause severe chaos behind enemy lines thanks to its deadly 90 mm cannon and HEATFS rounds!

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However, the AMX ELC bis’ small size also brings with it the inherent drawback of only limited protection. On top of this, the vehicle is home to just two crew members! As a result, the vehicle’s survivability to enemy fire is quite poor, being easily knocked out by just one penetrating shot. To prevent an untimely demise, tankers may utilize the ELC bis’ good mobility in order to stay ahead of the enemy and thus out of line of fire. However, tankers should also be aware of this vehicle’s peculiar turret traverse mechanism which is limited by a rather wide sector in front of the vehicle.

Be sure to add the unique AMX ELC bis to your in-game collection right after the “Wind of Change” update is live. The update is almost ready, and we’re looking forward to it with you! Stay tuned!

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