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Mirage F1C: A Break from Tradition

The Mirage F1C represents the next step in the evolution of the legendary French Mirage series of jet fighters, following the introduction of the earliest models at the start of the 1960s. Veteran French pilots may look forward to the arrival of this even more capable Mirage variant with the “Wind of Change” major update coming to War Thunder!

Briefly: A further development of the Mirage jet fighter, featuring a more powerful engine and, contrary to the original aircraft, a swept wing design.

Mirage F1C, jet fighter, France, Rank VII


  • New swept wing design
  • Potent air-to-air missiles
  • Effective radar
  • Huge bomb load
  • Lacks more advanced weaponry for strike missions

In the early 1960s, Dassault Aviation was conducting intense design studies on the basis of the Mirage, resulting in a number of different variations of the aircraft emerging. Among them, a smaller swept wing design of the Mirage outfitted with the latest and more powerful SNECMA Atar 9K-50 turbojet engine garnered the interest of Dassault engineers as a possible future replacement to the existing Mirage III and Mirage 5 fighters.

Confident in the design, Dassault began conducting further design work under the official name Mirage F1 as part of a private venture. In late 1966, the first prototype conducted its maiden flight and the initial test results proved to be rather positive. In late 1966, the French Air Force also expressed interest in the aircraft and officially adopted the development programme. Subsequently, the Air Force ordered a small batch of pre-production aircraft to be built in April 1967. After Dassault persuaded the Air Force to accept the Mirage F1 into service in order to make the aircraft also marketable to foreign operators, the first production order for the aircraft was issued in 1969.

Entering official service with the French Air Force in March 1974, the Mirage F1 took part in their first combat operations a decade later flying sorties against insurgent forces in Chad. Mirage F1s also took part in French operations during the Gulf War in 1990. In the late 2000s, French Mirage F1s also supported international forces during operations in Afghanistan.

Apart from France, several other nations such as Greece, Spain, South Africa, Qatar, Iraq, Morocco, and many others, operated variants of the Mirage F1.


In War Thunder, the Mirage F1C will be the new top jet fighter awaiting seasoned French aviators in the next major update coming soon to the game. Unlike its delta wing-predecessors, the Mirage F1C features a new swept wing design as well as an advanced radar and highly efficient air-to-air missiles. Sounds enticing enough already? Let’s take a more detailed look!

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The first and most noticeable difference pilots will encounter on the new Mirage is the missing delta wing design - a distinct feature of the original aircraft. Instead, the Mirage F1C is outfitted with a more traditional swept wing design. The second and main difference is an effective radar and advanced air-to-air missiles. The Mirage F1 radar is capable of detecting targets against the ground, as well as at distances up to 6,000 metres up. The advanced radar is complemented by excellent air-to-air missiles, which include both the familiar Matra 530 and Magic 1, as well as the new Super Matra 530F medium-range missiles with an semi-active radar seeker. The new Mirage with 5 suspension points is capable of carrying missiles for both close combat and for attacking distant targets, and the new radar allows effective locking on targets at all practical heights - both above and below the aircraft. The fast-firing 30mm DEFA cannons that come by default on the Mirage F1C will help it stay armed even when the missiles are depleted.

Additionally, pilots can also configure the Mirage F1C to conduct strike missions thanks to the aircraft’s ability to mount not only bombs up to 3x2,000 lbs, but also unguided SNEB rockets with a decent penetrating power and DEFA 553 gunpods.

The Mirage F1C is lined up to land in player hangars with the arrival of the next major update and will soon become the new apex predator of the French aviation tree at Rank VII. In the meantime, keep a close watch on the news as we continue unveiling what exciting new features and additions await you in the “Wind of Change” upcoming update. Until then, clear skies and happy hunting pilots!

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