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Swedish Helicopters in War Thunder!

Several updates ago, we introduced Sweden as a playable nation in War Thunder. Initially giving players the opportunity to take control of some unique Swedish aircraft, it was shortly afterwards also expanded by a full ground forces tree allowing tankers to command a whole host of new and exotic combat vehicles used by Sweden. Coming as part of the next major update “Wind of Change”, we’re pleased to announce that Sweden will also be receiving its own helicopter tree, containing several vehicles from a more than 65 year period in which the nation used helicopters as part of its armed forces!


Since Sweden didn’t produce domestic attack helicopter designs, its forces used foreign helicopters, some of which will already be familiar to seasoned pilots in War Thunder. Among the ranks, pilots will encounter domestic versions of some familiar faces, such as French Alouettes, the Italian AB 205, German Bo 105, as well as helicopters being tested and considered for an import, such as American AH-64 Apache. Having such a broad selection of different designs means that each Swedish helicopter will offer unique tactical opportunities. Regardless of whether you fancy delivering surgical strikes against enemy forces and audaciously capturing strategic points with a Bo 105 or if you simply seek to wreak havoc among enemy ranks with a heavily armed Apache, the Swedish helicopter tree has something for you.


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