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Winter marathon vehicles: TCM AGS (USA)
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TCM AGS, Rank VI, USA, Event


  • 105 mm cannon in an uncrewed turret
  • Automatic loader
  • High mobility
  • Weak protection

The TCM AGS is an experimental prototype of an airborne light tank, presented by Teledyne Continental Motors to a 1981 US Army competition. This futuristic-looking unit featured the most radical and innovative technical solutions among other contenders. The chassis of the prototype is Teledyne's proprietary design, a highly mobile tracked platform with a front-mounted engine, which involved the use of an unmanned turret. Initially, the light tank was supposed to use a 75mm gun with an automatic loader, but during development, the gun was replaced with a 105mm gun capable of dealing with modern Soviet tanks. The armor protection of the vehicle was designed as combined, to protect against projectiles up to 23 mm in frontal projection and against heavy machine guns from the sides. Teledyne's project within the AGS competition was developing until 1991, in accordance with new requirements for an airborne tank of the US Army. After defeat in the competition development continued until 1996 as an "expeditionary tank" for export, but it never went live as well. The only prototype of Teledyne AGS is stored outdoors at one of Teledyne's plants in the United States.


The TCM AGS light tank will become the main tank prize in the War Thunder winter marathon, it will become an event vehicle of rank VI in the US armored vehicles tech tree. This is a very versatile and interesting tank that is able to effectively scout enemies, capture points and provide fire support to allies. At the same time, the powerful gun and the choice of anti-tank rounds make the TCM AGS a very effective tank destroyer, both in attack and in ambush. Why is it so good? Firstly, it is a light tracked vehicle that can reach speeds of over 70 km/h and easily overcome obstacles. Secondly, the TCM AGS is armed with a 105mm cannon in an unmanned turret. The gun is specially designed to provide a minimum recoil impulse, and the shells are fed by an 8-round automatic loader, which ensures a high rate of fire. Thirdly, TCM AGS has a good selection of shells: shape-charged, armor-piercing, high-explosive, smoke, and two APFSDS - M735 and C76A1. Let's add here a modern fire control system with a laser rangefinder, stabilizer and thermal imager; a relatively low profile that allows the tank to shoot from behind cover; as well as the forward location of the engine, which also somewhat contributes to the survivability of the vehicle compared to other light tanks.

TCM AGS is a brilliant alternative (or companion) to the top M1128 Stryker and HSTV-L. It is you to decide, what it will be - an aggressive raider or annoying camper! Welcome to our winter marathon, for completing the tasks of which you will receive a unique light tank TCM AGS!

The War Thunder Team


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