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Dynamics of War Thunder missiles

In War Thunder we are always eager to simulate the characteristics of military equipment with the highest possible accuracy using all sources available. However, over time, new information often appears, which in some ways may contradict original sources, so it is not surprising that when such information is received, characteristics of vehicles and weapons are getting specified. Additionally, the digitization of modeling for certain systems may increase, which require additional checks and refinements. In this case, the combat capabilities of parts of weapons may change quite significantly. Here is just such a case, and we want to highlight and explain the planned changes in as much detail as possible, while at the same time cite the sources used in this work. We will also publish detailed characteristics for all missiles, which will allow us to additionally check the game data and compare them with the documentary base. 

In the upcoming update, we will specify the dynamic characteristics of missiles, which will primarily affect the SACLOS/MCLOS ATGM and SAM. In order to correct the modeling of the flight and thrust capabilities of missiles, we have specified data such as: the mass in flight, the initial velocity (the speed of launch from the missile tube/container or from the barrel for tank guided missiles), the mass of solid propellant rocket fuel and its consumption in different operating modes, as well as the engine operation time at different modes. The drag coefficient was specified to adjust the flight time at various distances based on relevant data, as well as data on speed at different parts along the trajectory. Also, for some missiles, parameters of explosive power and armor penetration of the warhead were adjusted. 

Above mentioned adjustments will be introduced to the game in one of the upcoming updates, but you’re able to learn the changes now from the spreadsheet prepared.

We have prepared a detailed article that cites which documents we used in development, as well as examples for the configuration for main types of missile weapons presented in the game. 

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