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TB-3 screenshot competition

We have a screenshot competition for you! Take a cool screenshot on the theme of landing (planes, but it can also be other vehicles!), publish it on Twitter with the hashtags #WarThunder and #AirborneWT and earn a TB-3 Soviet bomber if your picture is selected!


  • The screenshot must be created in War Thunder specifically for the competition, and posted on Twitter with your exact War Thunder nickname and hashtags #WarThunder and #AirborneWT (we will look at the screenshots using these hashtags, and reward winners using this nickname, don't forget to add them!)
  • Screenshots must be at medium settings, 1080p or better. We recommend using the replay system and ANSEL when possible, as it lets you pause the scene and move the camera freely.
  • You have until August 5th 23:00 GMT. The results will be announced in another post.
  • Your work must follow War Thunder's Terms of Use & EULA.
  • The giveaway organizers reserve the right to change the terms of the contest at any time. 
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