Summer marathon vehicles: Type 3 Ka-Chi

A Japanese amphibious tank created after the Chi-He medium tank. One of the most exotic tanks in the game, a true land ship!

Type 3 Ka-Chi, medium tank, Japan, rank I. Premium.


  • Large crew number
  • Amphibious tank
  • Removable pontoons
  • Premium bonuses


  • Huge size
  • Weak protection

The adoption of the Ka-Mi amphibious tank design opened up interesting opportunities for the General Staff of the Imperial Japanese Navy, when during a landing from the sea, it became possible to provide fire support with tanks that could go into battle immediately from the sea. The light Ka-Mi, however, did not provide the necessary firepower and did not have sufficient protection. In 1943, a new amphibious tank was created on the basis of the quite successful Chi-He medium tank, which received the designation Type 3 Ka-Chi. To transform into an amphibious tank, the Chi-He underwent a rather deep modernization: the armor plates were dismantled, the suspension was lengthened, equipped with two additional pairs of road wheels and rollers, a tall snorkel appeared over the cover of the engine compartment, and a distinctive dome appeared over the commander’s cupola. The Ka-Chi received front and rear pontoons, as well as a set of rubber plugs to seal the hull. The new amphibious tank successfully passed tests, however, by the beginning of mass production, the situation in the Pacific forced the naval authorities to concentrate all production capacity on the construction of new ships and carrier-based aircraft, therefore, by the end of the war, about two dozen Ka-Chi were produced, none of which were ever used in battle.

Is it a tank or a ship? The appearance of the Ka-Chi is very unusual - as if a patrol boat got out of the water and continued to move on land. Huge pontoons, a high air intake above the engine compartment and a protective casing with portholes over the turret, which looks more like a ship's bridge - all these make the Ka-Chi very much like a participant of War Thunder naval battles!


The Type 3 Ka-Chi premium amphibious tank is one of the prizes in the War Thunder summer marathon and will be found at rank I in the Japanese research tree. Ka-Chi is one of the largest tanks in the initial ranks, this is both its advantage and flaw.A flaw, because it is not easy to hide such a whopper, and the distinctive “ship’s” profile can be seen from afar. Advantage - because some of the enemy hits will arrive on the pontoons and the commander's cupola, where there are no vital modules or crew members. Together with the large crew (7 members!). These circumstances make the "Ka-Chi" more die-hard  on the battlefield than most enemy tanks.

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The main weapon of the Ka-Chi is the 47-mm Type 1 cannon, for which only one type of rounds is provided - an APHE shell with armor penetration of more than 70 mm, but, due to the small caliber, with a highly modest explosive weight. Despite its impressive size, the Ka-Chi is very poorly protected from enemy fire - the average armor does not exceed 10-12 mm.

Movement through the water is provided by two propellers at the stern that accelerate the Ka-Chi to a speed of about 10 kph. In the hangar you can dismantle the pontoons and the high commander cupola before battle, this will significantly reduce the dimensions of the tank, but will make it ... an ordinary, rather ordinary, rank I tank. It's much more fun to fight in a huge land ship!

Summer Landing

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