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War Thunder in Steam GreenLight Program
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War Thunder is an MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. Take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world!
Following numerous requests from the War Thunder community we decided to take part in Steam Greenlight to bring the game to more players who value massive online combat action, realistic and dynamic gameplay and hi-end graphics.

During the Beta Test more then 500 000 players had participated in more then 60 million fly-outs, spending tens of million of hours in the game; and the game has received more then thousand of updates, constantly adding new features and increasing quality of the game.

War Thunder offers a highly detailed and personalized aviation experience, giving players access to hundreds models of planes with detailed cockpits, dozens of upgradeable weapons, and flying skills that can be honed and improved with each mission. The massive historical battles featured in War Thunder cannot be fought by aviation alone, so the game will also expose players to combat on land and at sea.
Now, at the current stage of development all ground and naval forces are controlled by AI but later during the beta we are going to make them available for players as well as aircrafts.

War Thunder in its beta test features varied PvP-experiences set in full-scale combat missions. From fast, reckless and amazingly easy-to-start dog-fights in Arcade, to tactical and more challenging missions in Historical battles and completely genuine flight simulation experience in Realistic mode – every pilot will definitely get what they find most exciting and what they ask from a WWII flight-sim.
Multiple settings options allow advanced virtual pilots and beginners to enjoy playing the game together.
War Thunder also presents rich PvE-content: dynamic campaigns, solo missions, mission editor, and much more for single-player and cooperative gameplay.
The number of playable aircraft is now more then 200 and it will at least double by the release. Add to that all planes’ cockpits fully-identical to their real-life prototypes and dozens of armored vehicles and ships participating the action on huge painstakingly recreated locations of WWII theaters of war.
And for maximum immersion: beautiful hi-end graphics, authentic sound effects for all engines and guns, and beautiful music – we are doing our best to help our pilots feel like they are indeed fighting a war!

Community and gamers feedback are very important to us and so we have a lot of community related features in the game (and we will add more!).
Here are some examples of gameplay movies created by community, using replay feature:

See you soon in the skies of War Thunder and thank you for voting for us on GreenLight!

And of course you're very welcome in our Steam community group



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