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P39N-0 for Alexander Pokryshkin's birthday

“To win a battle, besides patriotism, you need to know and master your aircraft.” These are the words of a virtuoso of aerial combat, the second most effective Allied fighter, a brilliant tactician and instructor. 

Today we are celebrating the birthday of Alexander Pokryshkin, three times Hero of the Soviet Union, whose name has become a nickname for the most skillful and desperate bold pilots. Pokryshkin's Airacobra with the white “100” on its side is a rare and favorite vehicle for War Thunder pilots.

Until March 22nd (09:00 GMT), the Premium aircraft Pokryshkin's P-39N-0 is back in store!

You may purchase this aircraft for Golden Eagles in the Premium section of the Soviet aircraft tree.

A distinctive feature of Pokryshkin's Airacobra is the removal of a pair of wing machine guns to lighten the aircraft. This significantly improves the flight characteristics of the Airacobra, especially when piloted by an Ace pilot.

Besides the pair of remaining .50 Brownings, the aircraft is armed with a punchy 37mm gun, loaded with HE rounds to tear apart any aerial target.

Play in Pokryshkin's P-39N-0 and open a whole set of unique camos available for this aircraft! See available camos in the customization menu.

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