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Wiki Review: VL Pyörremyrsky

Until the 22nd of December (21:00 GMT) purchase a VL Pyörremyrsky Pack and get a special decal “Approved by WT Wiki”.


Pyörremyrsky is a Finnish fighter, inspired by the famous Messerschmitts G series. It has the same engine and armament, but the entire design is genuinely Finnish.

Players can use Pyörremyrsky pretty much the same as its German counterpart. Featuring brilliant speed and a superb climb rate, the Pyörremyrsky is equipped with MG 151/20 20-mm auto cannons with very effective high-explosive Minengeschoß incendiary rounds.

Use your speed and simple tactics - choose your target, strike, and climb to safety! Pyörremyrsky is truly able to set the rules in any battle!


VL Pyörremyrsky Pack
The Kit Includes:

The “Approved by WT Wiki” decal - is one of the rarest decals in the game that can be obtained by the author of good articles on the War Thunder Wiki and a player who has purchased the vehicle from the review created by Wiki Team.

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