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A unique camouflage for Type 65 AA and Ki-94-II operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
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A unique camouflage for Sd.Kfz.234/4 and P-43А-1 operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
A unique camouflage for Type 65 AA and Ki-94-II operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
10 June 2014

User missions contest

Pilots and tankers!

We invite you to take part in a most unusual contest -  a contest  for the best user created mission in War Thunder! All that you need is the War Thunder CDK, bright ideas and to implement them into a game mission. You can share it with the other players and also have a chance to get a reward from the developers!

The War Thunder CDK is a Content Development Kit, a set of tools to create user generated content for War Thunder.

Contest task:

Create an interesting user mission using the WT:CDK and upload it to in the "Missions" section.

Mission should meet all technical requirements so that it can be added to the game and it should come with a key task. After completing the task, the mission will end with a victory.

Download the WT:CDK here

Installing the kit:

  • Update the game client to the latest version
  • Run the installer and choose the folder where the game client is installed, if it is not chosen automatically  
  • Missions are created running the missioned.cmd program


  • The mission should be created specially for the contest and uploaded to
  • There should be no more than 1.000 units in the mision
  • Missions with checkpoints should have a countdown timer between the points
  • Missions with checkpoints should have final countdown between the points
  • It is most welcome if there is a "legend" (description) for the mission
  • It is welcome that in combat missions there are secondary tasks for AI units that can bring victory to the respective team if completed
  • Mission should be uploaded from the account of the player who created the mission
  • Each participant can upload only one mission for the contest
  • Message with mission should be made in the following format: War Thunder: CDK contest | *your mission name*
  • Images or content should not break any rules of moral, ethics or law (domestic or international), as well as forum rules, game rules and EULA
  • Winners are chosen by the War Thunder administration
  • The administration reserves the rights to change the terms of the contest at any time

Time frame:

  • Entries to this competition will be accepted from 14.00 GMT on 10th of June, 2014 until 14.00 GMT on 10th of August 2014.
  • The winners will be announced on 20th of August, 2014.


The War Thunder developers will choose the three best missions and their authors will receive money prizes!

  • 1st place - $500
  • 2nd place - $300
  • 3rd place - $200

The work that will get the most likes from the community - $200

Rewards  will be transferred in US-Dollar (USD).

The War Thunder Team