101st anniversary of Poland Regaining Independence

November the 11th is a very special day in the hearts of the Polish People. 101 years ago, the truce in Compiègne ended the Great War. Poland, a country divided between the German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires, after 123 years of constant battles and uprisings regained its independence. To celebrate this anniversary, we have prepared something special for all our Players! Let us celebrate this significant achievement together!

Until the 13th of November (7 GMT), participate in 3 battles using vehicles of rank 3 and above and with an activity of 60% or more to receive the decal “Independence Day of Poland”.

Tasks can be done in the random battles except Enduring Confrontation and Assault missions

To follow your progress just click on your Nickname → Achievements → Independence Day of Poland.

Decal "Independence Day of Poland"
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