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War Thunder reaches 100.000 subscribers on YouTube
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Dear Pilots and Tankers!
The War Thunder channel has recently surpassed the amazing number of 100.000 players and fans subscribing to our content being published regularly on YouTube. On behalf of the entire War Thunder development team, we want to say a heartfelt Thank you! for watching, commenting and sharing our films and videos!  We greatly appreciate the amount of involvement by our loyal players in the continuous development of the game and will ensure to offer you as much exciting content as possible, both within the game and through videos and other features.
We are also very happy about the many fan videos, vehicle presentations, Let’s Plays and other material that is being produced and published by fans of War Thunder all over the globe and in many different languages. The game’s player base is expanding by the day, and so is the amount of exceptional material created by our community.
In the near future, we plan to extend the amount of videos about War Thunder on YouTube significantly, both regarding the Air Forces and - of course - the Ground Forces as well. You'll be able to watch the latest video footage about our recent development, detailed videos about upcoming patches and features and of course a lot of featured contend by our fans as well.

For those of you who do not already follow our channel on YouTube and are curious on what you can discover there, here are some cool playlists you might want to check out:


War Thunder development and offline activities

War Thunder Nations, including our recently featured nation Japan

War Thunder Fan videos, with lots of cool stuff created by our fans

Be welcome to follow us on YouTube and tell your friends about the cool videos you’ve seen on our channel, or create your own and share it with us and the community!

The War Thunder Team

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