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Increasing the maximum possible BR for modern vehicles

In the upcoming BR changes we plan to increase the highest possible BR for ground vehicles up to 10.3 where the most technologically advanced vehicles will find themselves.

Modern ground vehicles are significantly different to the usual understanding of a tank - an armoured, armed but simple and mass produced vehicle. In modern times, a big emphasis is placed on technological superiority - thermal imagers, complex dynamic protection, technological shells and transfer to over protection on the front part of the tank. We recreate all these features in War Thunder for modern vehicles. The implementation of thermal imaging in update 1.91 has contributed to a significant increase in the efficiency of the top ranked vehicles which are already represented in the game and have these features.

Under these conditions we have made an informed decision - in the upcoming update, the most technologically advanced vehicles will get an increase in BR by 0.3 which will allow them to fight against equally efficient enemies more often in the environment of modern battles. At the same time, thanks to such a small increase we will not lose the importance of variety in battle.

This experiment has become possible due to the increased number of players playing in top tier battles. We will however monitor the statistics of time required to enter a battle, vehicle performance, and will implement further BR changes if required to provide a comfortable joining battle period for you. 


Battlerating table

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