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Get ROCCAT Kone AIMO and Eurocopter Tiger - winners announced

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About the ROCCAT Kone AIMO mouse:

With a striking design and a stunning feature set, the Kone AIMO channels the legacy of its predecessor. It boasts refined ergonomics with enhanced button distinction, but what truly sets it apart is its RGBA double lightguides powered by the state-of-the-art AIMO intelligent lighting system. The Kone AIMO takes the much-loved ergonomics of its Kone predecessor and refines them for a new and even greater level of comfort and control.

About the Eurocopter Tiger premium pack:

Fire support attack helicopter, developed in the late 80s by the German company MBB and the French company Aerospatiale. The main features of this helicopter include the ability to perform combat missions in difficult meteorological conditions, high maneuverability, and the the widespread use of composite materials, providing increased crew survivability. The EC-665 is fitted with a chin-mounted GIAT 30 mm gun turret, and also can be equipped with eight HOT-3 ATGMs, four “Mistral” homing missiles or a 68 mm SNEB unguided rockets.

How to participate?

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Prizes to be won:

       1) ROCCAT Kone AIMO mouse 1x - the winner is David
       2) ROCCAT Kone AIMO mouse 1x - the winner is Metod Mazej
       3) Eurocopter Tiger premium pack 1x - the winner is TheIronRyan
       4) Eurocopter Tiger premium pack 1x - the winner is Dawson

Terms and conditions:

  • Winners will automatically lose rights to claim the prize if after 1 month they have not provided their contact details to us.
  • The giveaway is not affiliated or associated with Twitter. It is organized by the War Thunder team.
  • The giveaway organizers reserve the right to change the terms of the contest at any time.
  • Every like, comment and retweet of this Twitter giveaway will give you a chance to win.
  • All potential customs fees outside of the EU are to be covered by the recipient.
  • The winners will be announced 2 days after the the start of the giveaway.
  • Alternative cash payout for any of the prizes is not possible.
  • The given-away hardware is not under a warranty.

Thank you for the participation and good luck!

The War Thunder Team

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