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AUBL/74 HVG: APDS is the way to go!
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AUBL/74 HVG, armoured car, Italy. Rank V.


  • Accurate cannon that fires APDS-FS shells
  • Equipped with a stabilizer
  • Can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h


  • Has weak armour

The Fiat AUBL/74 recon assault armoured car was the first Italian-designed vehicle of its class – work on it began in 1968. The build of this armoured car solely accounted for protection against small arms, but the vehicle’s low weight also granted it fantastic dynamic characteristics. The tank destroyer was one of the most perspective platforms for chassis development – the first experimental model carrying a 90mm cannon was assembled in 1979. Sometime later, a new turret was designed to carry OTO Melara’s brand-new 60mm high-ballistic cannon upon its release. The first iteration of the gun assumed manual reload. The upgraded design boosted the tank destroyer’s combat potential in comparison to that of its predecessor fitted with the 90mm cannon, all thanks to the new armour-piercing fin-stabilized shells that boasted extremely high levels of kinetic energy as well as reduced recoil.


Our players know a lot about and love the Italian AUBL/74 armoured car equipped with the 90mm cannon – the vehicle is fairly decent for its rank despite having a number of special traits you have to account for when commanding one. The 90mm cannon has no access to armour-piercing rounds – its arsenal only includes HESH and HEAT rounds, which players have to use in 99% of cases. For those tank commanders who love wheeled vehicles and can truly appreciate the FIAT’s fast speed, we present a new vehicle in this series, equipped with a high-ballistic 60mm cannon, a two-plane stabilizer, and full-fledged APDS-FS shells. This will serve as the Operation H.E.A.T. main prize for the tank commanders, and it’s simply awesome! Shall we have a closer look then?

The modified AUBL/74 HVG is promoted into rank V, simply because it rules hard. Its cannon with very high muzzle energy possesses remarkable horizontal accuracy – it pretty much acts like a laser pointer, meaning projectiles stay inside the crosshairs and on a level course even when flying over considerable distances. The cannon fires two types of rounds: the abovementioned APDS shells with normal impact and high-explosive shells. The fire rate may only be moderate because of the model’s manual reload mechanics, but the two-plane stabilizer easily makes up for that as it allows you to stay accurate even when moving at relatively high speeds. By the way, the AUBL/74 HVG is still one of the fastest ground vehicles in the game – it can go as fast as 100 km/h when travelling on roads. It wasn’t just the excellent dynamics that the AUBL/74 HVG inherited from its predecessor – but its weaknesses as well. The upgraded model still has paper-thin armour and a small compactly stationed crew. The AUBL/74 HVG pretty much can’t take a hit – even machine guns pose a real threat to this tank destroyer. However, as far as everything else is concerned, the Fiat is great: it’s fast, it has a very accurate cannon, and it fires deadly APDS-FS shells. The sniper and scout that you’ve all been dreaming of!

You will be able to get the AUBL/74 HVG by completing the tasks in Operation H.E.A.T.

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