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The Lunar New Year in War Thunder

Many people enjoy associating the New Year symbol to a specific animal according to an old Chinese tradition. Let’s bring some of that atmosphere to War Thunder! 2019 is the year of the Pig and fireworks will emphasize the Oriental flavour until the end of the week!

From February 5th 13:00 GMT till February 11th 07:00 GMT

The “Battle pig” decal for a single victory in random battles (whilst using vehicles of rank 3 or higher with a battle activity of 60% or higher).

The Chinese New Year is well known for its amazing pyrotechnics! So War Thunder will have some impressive fireworks on offer - Until February 10th, 07:00 GMT

  • Search the store for a traditional Chinese  紅爆 - “the Red Firecracker”.
  • Open it for 300 GE and receive one of the items within!
  • For 2700 GE you will be able to open 10 “Red Firecrackers”, saving 300 GE!
The “Red Firecracker” contains one of the following:
  • BM-8-24 12 hours rent
  • Pz.W.42 12 hours rent
  • Cromwell Mk.V (RP3) 12 hours rent
  • Calliope 12 hours rent
  • Premium account for 3 days
  • 120,000 Silver Lions
  • Battle victoriy wager  
  • Destroy 5 units wager
  • Destroy 10 units wager
  • Mission Maker wager 
  • Heroes of the Sky wager 
  • Thunderer wage
  • Wingman wager
  • The Best Squad wager
  • Wing Breaker wager

About the special:

  • The “Red Firecracker” is available in the item shop menu  
  • If you receive the same rental more than once the rental time will be totalled.
  • The last vehicle you used in battle with a victory needs to be rank III or higher.

Learn more about Wagers in the “War Thunder” wiki.

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