MB.152C-1 Premium fighter

A French fighter from the initial period of war. During the Battle of France, pilots in MB.152s won no less than 180 victories in the air. This rank II fighter controls very nicely and can reach a maximum speed near 500 km/h. It is equipped with a pair of 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons and two French 7.5mm MAC machine guns.

The MB.152C-1 is a single-engine monoplane fighter that went into production in 1938. Its designers prioritized the aircraft’s flight characteristics – its air-cooled radial engine put out 1,080 horsepower (quite respectable for the time) and was generally on equal footing with the early “Emiles,” Bf 109 fighters from the “E” series. The armament was also extremely modern, and the familiar rifle-caliber machine guns were backed up by 20mm cannons.

In our game, the MB.152C-1 will appear in rank II of France’s air force. It’s a well-built, easily controlled fighter without any obvious drawbacks. The aircraft can reach its maximum level-flight speed at medium and high altitudes, but it also performs decently in low-altitude dogfights – its cannons and air-cooled engine make it well suited at active combat.

The War Thunder Team

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