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Big War Thunder birthday sale!

From the 1st of November (13:00 GMT) until the 7th of November (09:00 GMT) A big sale in the Gaijin store!


Dear friends!

We continue to celebrate the 6th anniversary of War Thunder and would like to offer you 50% discounts in the Gaijin store for all vehicle packs (except vehicles from the last three updates: 1.79 “Project-X”, 1.81 “Flight of the Valkyries” and 1.83 " Masters of the Sea").

Don’t forget that 50% discounts for the same packs are also available in the PlayStation Store until the 7th of November!

Note! These packs will be removed from the Gaijin store and PlayStation Store after the sale:

  • War Thunder - B1ter Pack
  • War Thunder - KV-2 ZIS 6 Pack
  • War Thunder - Bf 109Z Zwilling Pack
  • War Thunder - M18 Black Cat

Xbox One users will be able to purchase the following packs with a 50% discount from the 1st of November until the 12th of November as well:

  • War Thunder - Object 120 Pack
  • War Thunder - Magach 3 Pack
  • War Thunder - KPz M47 / G
  • War Thunder - AMX-30
  • War Thunder - Centurion Mk.5 AVRE Pack

The War Thunder Team

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