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Get ZOTAC GTX1070Ti and Mi-24D Hind - winners announced!

Update 1.81 "The Valkyries" is almost here - participate in the give-away by letting us know what additional helicopters should we add to the game!

Pilots, tank commanders and aspiring captains of War Thunder! Update 1.81 "The Valkyries" is approaching and it is time to treat our community with a help from our friends over at ZOTAC.

About the Mi-24D Hind pack:

Meet the most widely used attack helicopter in the world. The model Mi-24D was released in 1972 and has several distinctive features over the original Mi-24A model. The armament consists of a 12.7 mm calibre four-barrel rotary cannon, four SACLOS “Phalanga-MV” anti-tank missiles with 550 mm armor penetration, and various additional ordnance options of 23 mm gunpods, unguided rockets and bombs.

About the ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1070 Ti AMP Extreme:

Powered by NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture, the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Series is the world’s most advanced gaming GPU ever created. It strives for the excellence in power, speed, cooling, noise, gaming, and size with no compromise on performance.

How to participate?

       1) Like, comment and share this Facebook giveaway with your friends

That's it! Now you have a chance to win one of our prizes - just remember, more actions = a bigger chance to win!

Prizes to be won:

       1) ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1070 Ti AMP Extreme + Mi-24D Hind pack 1x - Michael Papsch
       2) Mi-24D Hind pack 1x - Thinh Vuong
       3) Mi-24D Hind pack 1x - Matthew May

Terms and conditions:

  • The giveaway is not affiliated or associated with Facebook. It is organised by the War Thunder team
  • Winners will automatically lose rights to claim the prize if after 1 month they have not provided their contact details to us
  • Every like, comment and share (share is voluntary) of this Facebook post will give you a chance to win
  • The winners will be announced 1 week after the the start of the giveaway
  • The giveaway organisers reserve the right to change the terms of the contest at any time
  • Make sure your Facebook profile settings are set to public, so we can contact you back
  • Alternative cash payout for any of the prizes is not possible

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Good luck!

The War Thunder Team

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