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Make your vehicle more authentic!

Make your vehicle more authentic! We regularly introduce new decals that you can unlock and/or purchase.

New decals will become available for unlocking and purchase every 2 weeks, and after that time, will be replaced with new ones. Players will retain the unlocked decals forever!

We have already added several new decals for you that are available until the 30th of March. You may find them in the customization menu, under “week’s latest” section.

Decals by Colin 'Fenris' Muir

2nd Dragoons Royal Scots Grews insignia

Destroy 100 (50 for RB / SB ) enemy players, whilst driving British ground vehicles

12th Dragoon Regiment insignia, France
12th Dragoon Regiment insignia, France

Capture 50 zones whilst driving French ground vehicles or purchase for  200 Golden Eagles

"Wolf" emblem, 867th BS, 494th BG, 7th AF, USAF

200 Golden Eagles.

"Scarab" emblem of No.64 Squadron, RAF

Destroy 75 (38 for RB and SB ) enemy players, whilst flying British aircraft or purchase for  200 Golden Eagles

The requirements for the decals may be checked by hovering your mouse over the decal in the customization menu. In order to obtain a decal you should be using vehicles of ranks 2-6 in random battles and events. They cannot be gained in the Enduring Confrontation mode.

Previous decals - have been moved to  respective sections

  • "Emblem of 4th Guards Tank Brigade of 2nd Guards Tank Corps USSR"  → USSR (tanks).
  • Emblem of 18th Panzerbataillon, Germany →  Axis (tanks)
  • Emblem of 65th Infantry Regiment, Heavy Tank Company "The Borinqueneers"  → Allies (tanks)
  • "X-Terminator" emblem of KB-732, VR-X ""Lancaster"" of 419th Squadron, RCAF →  Allies
  • 511th Combat Tank Regiment decal, France → France (tanks)
Fuji School Brigade Tank School Unit 2nd Company insignia, Japan

Play 5 battles, earning more than 2000 scorewhilst driving Japanese ground vehicles

Be sure to follow the news so you don’t miss out on unique decals in the future!

The War Thunder Team


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