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Naval Test pre-beta testing schedule

Test schedule - From the 19th of January, until the 22nd of January, between 17:00 GMT and 05:00 GMT each day

Naval Battles testing will be available for all who purchased Naval packs!

Test features:

  • Familiar locations will be available for this test: Andaman Sea, North Sea, Fiji and the updated African Gulf and Norway. 
  • Instead of predefined aircraft, players will receive a random fighter and a bomber. If you hover the mouse pointer over the respective aircraft slot, you will see a list of all potentially available aircraft. These aircraft will have standard ammo belts and a predefined payload load-out. 
  • In addition to slots with random aircraft, players will see available aircraft that they own in the slots. The maximum BR of a player’s own aircraft in which you can respawn in the battle has been limited to 5.0.
  • The animation of moving allied and enemy ships when observing at long distances has been improved (the ships will no longer soar above or below the water).

List of fixes:

  • A bug where a player was not able to start leak repair has been fixed
  • A bug when a vessel wasn’t counted as destroyed even though crew value in hit-cam was 0 has been fixed
  • A bug where a fire could not be extinguished has been fixed
  • When a vessel receives new shot damage during running repair the current repair progress is no longer cancelled and the time for repairs is extended depending on new damage received. 
  • A bug where a fire on board was possible after being damaged by depth charges under water has been fixed. 
  • Bomb falling sound has been disabled for depth charges
  • Repair time for specific modules has been corrected in order to avoid situations where repairs could take an unreasonably long time.
  • A bug when depth charges and torpedoes were not removed from the vessel’s Damage Model and thus could detonate even after being launched has been fixed.

Known bugs:

  • Modules can only be repaired once they are completely destroyed. This bug will be fixed in the nearest future.
  • Due to technical issues RP and SL gain in naval battles has been temporarily switched off.
How do i join?

It’s very simple. Become the owner of one of the pre-order packs in the Gaijin store. Your purchase will automatically make you a member of the beta test.


In addition, the set contains some fantastic game bonuses, including a unique premium craft which will be available in beta test. Please note! Game sessions for the first testing stage will be available in special Events (Events and Specials - Naval Battles) at specific times, several times a week.

Naval Pack S-204
In this pack:
  • -S-204 "Lang" Torpedo boat (Germany);
    -1000 Golden Eagles;
    -Naval battles closed beta access.
Naval Pack John F. Kennedy’s PT-109
In this pack:
  • -PT-109 torpedo boat (USA);
    -3000 Golden Eagles;
    -Naval battles closed beta access.
Naval Pack Project 1124 MRLS
In this pack:
  • -Project 1124 MRLS armored river boat (USSR);
    -1000 Golden Eagles;
    -Naval battles closed beta access.
How do I participate?

Do you own an early access package? Congratulations, for you it’s easy!

Launch the game as normal and you will be presented with the option to download the main testing files on joining one of the test events, there is no requirement for a different launcher. After this, visit the game’s official forum, log in with your account and check out the special forum section!


We’ve also opened an application for players who want to participate but haven't purchased the packs for the closed beta test, which starts later. You can send in an application and we’ll review you as a candidate for the role of captain on a military vessel.

Send ApplicationAttention! You can participate in the testing from no more than two PC’s.


Naval pre-beta forum

In the special forum section, you can find out about the testing schedule and news.You can also discuss future naval vessels with the developers. We hope to see you there.

The War Thunder Team

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