P-40C: Flying Tiger
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The Curtiss P-40C is a single-engine American fighter from the early stages of World War II. It was produced for the US army and was also delivered to America’s allies: Great Britain and the Soviet Union. Pilots in the American voluntary group the Flying Tigers flew these aircraft in China. The P-40C is a well-balanced starting rank fighter, perfectly suited to destroying ground targets and columns of motor vehicles thanks to the high density of fire from its six machine guns (4 x 0.30 and 2 x 0.50) and its ability to carry a 500 lbs bomb on a pylon under the fuselage.

In contrast to the Kitty Hawks already familiar to our pilots, the P-40C has a pair of high-calibre machine guns on its nose, which give it a hefty advantage in firing accuracy at short and medium ranges – something very handy in aerial duels and chases!

Festive Quest

"Olive-green camouflage" will get all owners of P-40C to achieve 350,000 light on the tree on the main page of the site.

The War Thunder Team


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