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NC.223.3: let nobody leave unsatisfied!

F.223.3 is now available for the testers of French aviation!

The French bomber NC.223.3 is a seriously refined version of another starter-level bomber, the F.222. Four engines, an incredibly huge bomb load and cannon turrets!


The NC.223.3 bomber was developed as a replacement for the four-engine French Farman F.222 bomber already familiar to War Thunder players. Engineers of the SNCAC nationalization (which included the Farman company) saved the schematics of a high wing with twinned tandem engines under the wing, but significantly improved the airplane in terms of its flight characteristics, bomb load and defensive armament. The new bomber got an altered wing with an increased area and additional struts, the nacelles were improved, and the propellers received nose fairings. The main differences in the new model were its twin-fin tail, its huge bomb load and cannon turrets for protecting the lower and upper hemispheres. After successful tests held in 1937, the airplane was approved for series production, and from December 1939 to March 1940, i.e. until the occupation of the country by the Germany, the French managed to build 8 aerial monsters of this series.

In War Thunder, the NC.223.3 is a rank I bomber in the French tech tree. The airplane’s low speed is more than compensated for by its advantages: a monstrously large bomb load for its rank and mighty defensive armament. The NC.223.3 can carry over 4 tons of bombs in sets of 12х100 kg + 15х200 kg. To disperse columns of light armor, it has the 52x50 kg set already familiar from the Farman brand. The armament in the nose turret remains the same and is a 7.5 mm machine gun, but the upper and lower turrets now have 20 mm Hispano-Suiza machine guns, which makes the process of firing at pursuing fighters pleasant, effective and very profitable.

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The NC.223.3 is a truly fearsome rank I bomber, which can decide the outcome of any battle almost on its own. The vehicle awaits all participants of the French aircraft closed beta today – be sure to try it out!

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