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9 September 2017

“Colosseum” Series of Tournaments - September 2017

Pilots and Tankers of War Thunder!

Таке part in the new “Colosseum” series of tournaments!

More information about tournaments:

“Fire Front 4x4” in the Arcade Battles mode:

Fight your opponents on 10 unique locations while commanding some of the best tanks and aircraft of rank 3 and 4.

PARTICIPATE Prize fund: 106,000 “Fire Front” decals, “Fire Front 4x4” title

“Gladiators 4x4” in the Simulator Battles mode:

The excellent Soviet fighter - La-5FN will be at your disposal for exciting duels over 6 locations - “Kursk”, “Kuban”, “Eastern Europe”, “Berlin”, “Sinai” and “Mozdok”

PARTICIPATE Prize fund: 65,000 “Gladiators” decals, “Gladiators 4x4” title

“Gladiators 2x2” in the Realistic Battles mode:

Prove that you and your wingman are the best in the 2 vs 2 duels while controlling the nimble Yak-3 fighter.

PARTICIPATE Prize fund: 39,000 “Gladiators” decals, “Gladiators” title

“Revival Cup 7x7” in the Realistic Battles mode:

Check out this unique tactical tournament in the combined Realistic Battles from the ReVi eSports team - you will be able to use some interesting vehicles and play on some new locations. Also, win some nice prizes!

PARTICIPATE Prize fund: 132,000 “Fire Front” decals, “Flaming Arrow” title

You can check and register to all tournaments on our portal