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War Thunder Quiz
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Do you know much about your favourite game? You think you are War Thunder Mastermind? Prove it  in our Quiz, gain unique title and a RP booster! How? Easy! Give at least 7 correct answers for 10 questions and the prize is yours.

War Thunder Quiz

Gamescom Quiz 2017 Tuesday 150% RP booster for 2 battles
Gamescom Quiz 2017 Wednesday 200% RP booster for 1 battle
Gamescom Quiz 2017 Thursday 100% RP booster for 3 battles 
“War Thunder Mastermind” title for any completed quiz. 

Take part in the Quiz every day from 14:00 GMT August 22nd-24th and grab a new booster every day! Each quiz is available for 24 hours.

The War Thunder Team

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