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A unique camouflage for Type 65 AA and Ki-94-II operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
14 March 2017

Best Tournament players March 11th and 12th

Dear friends!

There were some really exciting battles last weekend in the TSS tournaments:

Ground Forces Tournaments

A real hero of the Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 in Arcade Battles mode was LEONIDROBOT - after losing in the 6th round, he fought his way through the loser’s bracket to the final and won! __ArchangeL__, who ended in the 2nd place played confidently up to the final and lost only to the champion. The 3rd place remained vacant this weekend and in 4th place is Nord_Famel.

The best team of the Tank blitz-tournament 2x2 in Realistic Battles mode was pisospro (players _QuiGonsky and MONACO) who won the tournament without losing any matches. Experienced pair, Sasha08104 and Evil_WARRIOR from the KOTbIARCAD team, took 2nd place and team GG (LoveIstheAnswer and parol23_) ended in 3rd place.

Team MdV_Gruppe (Br3nor and _AweX_) showed excellent team play in the Tank blitz-tournament 2x2 in Simulator Battles mode. They won twice against team DYNAMIGHT (EvilBambus and _AxiE), who took 2nd place. In 3rd place is team Spooky (HumanCorrector and _socolik_).

Аircraft Tournaments

The best team play in the Air blitz-tournament 2x2 in Arcade Battles mode was shown by BIRBANT and tadzik98 from team ACEPL. A close second was team TCM_VEN (TCM_Blonka and Venatores). Team BEDA (Anderer and N_lO) took 3rd place.

Player _V3na was the best In the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Realistic Battles mode - only Johnny_winner, who ended in 2nd place, managed to show some resistance against the champion. Another hero of the weekend tournaments, _socolik_, took 3rd place.  

Japanese virtual ace, murahiga, showed an ideal run in the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Simulator Battles mode. Ainar1 and razdva12, took the 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

See you in the new tournaments every week on the TSS portal!

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