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Fw 189 Uhu
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Fw 189 in military camouflage

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The Fw 189 Uhu from testing has a different skin material in the engine unit, controllers and many internal improvements compared to original machine, the characteristics and performance are the same though. All the components have been reconditioned and all available modifications have been installed. The vehicle has a premium status.

Information, tactical and technical characteristics (AB/RB)

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Country  Germany
Battle rating:  1.7/1.7
Rank  I
Climb rate  12.6/8 m/s
Max. speed  383/359 km/h
Offensive armament
Defensive armament
 7.92 mm machine gun Mg-17 x2
 7.92 mm machine gun Mg-15 x2





The Fw 189 "Uhu" in History

The Fw 189 Uhu — one of the most recognizable aircraft on the Eastern front where it was used extensively as a spotter and recon aircraft as well as an attacker. The German command had announced a contest for a recon aircraft in February 1937 and the development of the Fw 189 began shortly after. By that time, the new Hs.126A was already planned to be replaced though it had not yet entered mass production.

The “Focke-Wulf” company became the favourite after first flight tests - the aircraft exceeded all expectations. A full-metal three-seater Fw 189 with two V-shaped air-cooled engines was not only the fastest but also most maneuverable aircraft among all competitors. The Uhu became a truly multi-purpose vehicle with great defensive armament for the time which could also operate as an attacker or a frontline bomber. 

German pilots loved the Fw 189 for awesome visibility and reliable controls. Simple design and interchangeability of different elements provided a long frontline service for the aircraft. 

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