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Announcing the return of the popular Gladiators.WT 4x4 Tournament
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Come and show off your elite piloting skills in the all new 2014 Gladiator Tournament, excellent prizes to be won and fun to be had by all, show us your mettle!

Tournament registration starts 19 of January 8:01 PM GMT (12:01 PM PST)

The registration for the official International team-duel championship “Gladiators WT 4x4” for 2014, is now open. For the first time ever in a contest of this kind, realistic and simulator battles for squadrons can be run at the same time. This will greatly expand the horizons of the cyber-sport potential in War Thunder.

The rules in this tournament will unlock potential of the cyber-sport teams in War Thunder, allowing them to show individual skill as well as amazing team work.  While being on an equal field, players will take a fight on a specially prepared tournament map [Duel]Mozdok. Players and viewers will be kept in suspense for the duration of the 3 rounds until the last shot is fired.

Please read  the rules

Application instructions

The winners will recieve:

1st place - 10000 Golden Eagles + 30 days premium + Sherman + T34 tank advanced pack

2nd place -  5000 Golden Eagles + 15 days premium + Sherman advanced pack

3rd place -   3000 Golden Eagles + 7 days premium + T34 tank advanced pack

for each member of a winning team, All top 3 team members will be awarded with special Gladiators.WT 4x4 awards

Follow the championship at the special section of the forum

Honour and Good Luck to you all. Salute o7

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