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Attacker FB.1 and M10 & M36 Slugger
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Today we will introduce some of the new vehicles which will arrive in game with the "Weapons of Victory" update - The British FB.1 Attacker, the M10 self-propelled gun, the Wolverine & M36 Slugger

Attacker FB.1

A jet aircraft, positioned at the fifth rank with paired 20mm British Hispano Mk.V cannons installed in each wing and ammunition of 167 and 145 shots for the inner and outer weapons respectively. Two wing pylons can accommodate 1000 pound (453 kg) or 500 pound (227 kg) bombs, and six wing hardpoints can accommodate 12 or 6 (paired) unguided RP-3 rockets weighing 25 pounds (11 kg) or 60 pounds (27 kg)

Kirill "Lassar" Vostretsov, game designer:

It was the first carrier-based jet fighter used by the British Fleet Air Arm.

M10 Wolverine GMC / M36 Jackson

Self-propelled gun for the US line - M10 Wolverine GMC. The first production tank destroyer with a rotating turret designed on the concept of high-speed tank destroyers.

Vyacheslav "BVV_d" Bulannikov, game designer:

Early models of tank destroyers, such as M3 GMC, despite its good mobility and a powerful weapon, had very weak armour protection, so it was decided to create a new tank destroyer in a tank chassis, with a rotating turret. The new self-propelled artillery was created on the base of the M4 tank, with a slightly lightened armour protection and a powerful 76mm M7 weapon. In 1942 the machine was put into service under the tag M10. The first experience of M10 combat use in North Africa was successful, the 76mm cannon allowed effective hits against almost all Wehrmacht armour (except for Tigers, which there were not many of in the African theatre of operations) from large distances, though it itself was vulnerable to enemy fire. In the game this self-propelled gun continues the concept of American tank destroyers - good mobility and a hard hitting gun, but with fairly weak armour protection.

Svetlana Smirnova, artist:

This self-propelled gun, established on the basis of the Sherman in the first place is interesting for its unusual shape of its turret. The original turret had problems with balance (the gun was too heavy). As a result, the turret was modified to solve this problem - two counterweights were added at the upper back part of the tower.

M36 Slugger

Vyacheslav "BVV_d" Bulannikov, game designer:

The M10 quite successfully fought in North Africa and was effective against medium tanks such as the Pz. III and Pz. IV, but in Africa the Allies, for the first time encountered the newest type of heavy tank in battle - the Tiger, against whom, the 76mm M7 gun was rather weak, so it was decided to strengthen the weapon of these tank destroyers.

A new weapon was created on the basis of the 90mm M3 anti-aircraft which was vastly more powerful and could effectively engage the new German tanks from the front. During battles in France in '44. the allies faced with a large number of the new, well-armoured German tanks could no longer effectively carry out the task of combating armoured vehicles with the M10, in fact, only the M36 was confidently destroying tigers and panthers from the front at considerable distances.

Svetlana Smirnova, artist:

The M36 Slugger, aka Jackson, with a more powerful 90 mm gun replaced the M10 Wolverine. And of course on this vehicle designers also faced the problem of balance with the turret and gun (just like the M10) so as a result - the presence of counterweights again is shown on this vehicle. On top of the turret, closer to the weapon mantlet is an interesting device - it is an X-shaped (while unfolded) mounting for canvas, which was spread during bad weather.

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