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New decals in 1.49
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Dear Players!

Frequent readers of our news articles already know that we regularly present new decals to be added to War Thunder. Most of the time, these decals fit into the historical context of the article at hand or are somehow related with the persons, units or armies involved.

With Update 1.49 we will introduce a great variety of new historical decals to War Thunder, which will allow you to decorate your vehicles with a piece of World War II or Korean War history. Good luck on the battlefield!

The following historical decals will be added to War Thunder in Update 1.49, known as "Weapons of Victory". Click on the name to check the background of a particular decal:

Pakistani Air Force Royal Thai Airforce Penguin, 5./St.G 2 1st Pursuit Group 70th Victory Day


1st Arm. Div, 1943 416th Lynx Sqn 80 Sqn RAF RAAF Roundel 77 Sqn RAAF


Shangri-La 278th Sqn (Italy)  Kangaro Emblem  V. Sirotin's Emblem 4th Tank Div. (Egypt)


150a Sqn. 2° Gruppo 377a Squadriglia No. 30 Sqn RAAF Eat-Em-Alive Emblem Div. Mec. Brunete n°1


 1er Reg. chas. à cheval 804 Naval Air Sqn 3e Rég. Chas. d'Afrique 21. Panzerdivision Indonesian Air Force


 10. Panzerdivision 33rd Amored Reg. The Red Rippers Devil's Head 66th Armor Reg.


Blondie Znamenksiy The Fiery Queen Braying Donkey 507th Heavy Tank Bat.


SAAF Roundel, 1947 Iranian Air Force  No. 609 Sqn RAF No. 193 Sqn RAF 3 80 Sqn Escadrille


African Mask 'Chwat' ('Brave') Sniper 68th Fighter Int. Sqn  

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